Special Vehicles

Unique vehicles, specific vibrations

We support controlling vibrations in, for example, the cabin and chassis of specific vehicles (e.g., crash tenders, AGV’s, road sweepers and vehicles for agriculture). Damping and isolating vibrations results in specific benefits:

  1. Less wear and tear

  2. Better comfort

  3. Lower cost by optimal maintenance and overhaul.

Your vehicles in excellent condition

In case you invest in new special vehicles, cost of maintenance and overhaul are very important because of the contribution to ‘Cost of Ownership’ and ‘Cost of Operation’. Over the last decades GMT provides innovative solutions for special vehicles. To keep vehicles in good condition, it is very important to have a clear view on the condition of the rubber-metal parts. Through periodic scheduled inspections we can support you to get a clear view on when specific parts need to be replaced. By supporting our customers in a proactive way, we prevent unforeseen expenses and unscheduled maintenance, and we contribute to a higher availability of your vehicles.

Thinking about a sustainable future

Together with our customers we build sustainable solutions which save costs on short term as well as in the long run. In addition, we want to contribute to the comfort for the users of the vehicles and their environment. When vehicles are in good condition, the equipment has less wear and tear. The users and their environment will be less impacted by vibrations and noise.

Tailored advice

Our team is always available to advise you and will look to the possibilities together with you. In case of vibration issues and new (product) developments, we provide advice, make calculations and carry out measurements on location if required. We see it as a challenge to find the right solution together with you.

Standard solutions

In many cases our standard range provides dampers for vibration damping and isolation. In our product overview you can download a datasheet of all categories with all details and specifications.

How can we help you?

For many vibration challenges we offer solutions with our standard vibration damper portfolio. Are you looking for a specific damper, please contact us. Are you still looking for the root cause of your vibration problem or you don’t know which vibration damper can solve the problem? Please contact us directly for expert support and non-binding advice.

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