High-Tech Industry

The smallest details make the difference

GMT delivers solutions for machine building since decades.
The focus for the High-Tech industry lies with passive damping of vibrations in high precision applications.
For mechatronic systems the requirements for accuracy of positioning become stricter over time. Vibrations can cause challenges to reach a certain accuracy.

The dynamics of a system can be effectively improved by applying damping. This can be achieved actively and passively. In close cooperation with partners, a passive damping methodology has been developed for the High-Tech industry, based on polymers. Specific requirements for applications in the cleanroom are taken into account.

Tailored advice

Manufacturers of high-end mechatronic systems, high-precision measuring equipment and high-accuracy production equipment, can improve their performance and lower their cost by applying these dampers.

We offer, together with our partners, design support, research & development, production, testing and clean room packaging of the dampers.

Industrial packaging

Vibration dampers are increasingly being used in packaging in order to absorb shocks and vibrations. This special packaging ensures that the machines arrive at their destination undamaged.

Our engineers provide support with the design, calculation and measurement of packaging. We also supply a range of products from stock, which we have developed especially for industrial packaging.

Standard solutions

In many cases our standard range provides dampers for vibration damping and isolation. In our product overview you can download a datasheet of all categories with all details and specifications.

How can we help you?

For many vibration challenges we offer solutions with our standard vibration damper portfolio. Are you looking for a specific damper, please contact us. Are you still looking for the root cause of your vibration problem or you don’t know which vibration damper can solve the problem? Please contact us directly for expert support and non-binding advice.

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