Machine building

Vibrations under control

Our experience with machine building and drive technology has been built up from the start of GMT Benelux in 1987. For more than 30 years we offer support for vibration challenges, for both simple and complex issues. Depending on the machine specifications and the specific problem definition we are happy to help you to select the right damper.

We can assist to isolate or damp unwanted vibrations. In specific applications vibrations are very relevant and thus desired. For example, compactors for concrete manufacturing, vibration equipment for construction or sorting equipment for seeds. In case you want to isolate, damp or arouse vibrations: GMT Benelux offers the dedicated support, regardless the application.

Dampers for a wide range of applications

We have extensive experience solving vibration issues in production- and machining equipment, drives and complete installations in numerous sectors, amongst which:

  • Automated transport -and sorting systems

  • Motors, Pumps & Generators

  • Industrial Packaging

With our extensive product range we can support you directly because we can deliver from stock. Our standard products are also available from our extensive dealer network in the Benelux. Would you like to know where our products can be obtained near you? Please contact us.

Tailored advice

Our team is always available to advise you and will look to the possibilities together with you. In case of vibration issues and new (product) developments, we provide advice, make calculations and carry out measurements on location if required. We see it as a challenge to find the right solution together with you.

We are happy to support you with extending the lifetime of machines. By controlling vibrations, we prevent break downs and reduce the required maintenance to support you to reduce your cost.

Standard solutions

In many cases our standard range already provides the right dampers for vibration damping or isolation. In our product overview you can download a datasheet of all categories with all details and specifications.

How can we help you?

For many vibration challenges we offer solutions with our standard vibration damper portfolio. Are you looking for a specific damper, please contact us. Are you still looking for the root cause of your vibration problem or you don’t know which vibration damper can solve the problem? Please contact us directly for expert support and non-binding advice.

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