GMT Benelux is well known for vibration dampers and vibration challenges. We offer our customers excellent service, high quality and a sustainable business. We offer a wide range of vibration dampers, standard, specific and tailor-made.

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GMT Vibration Control

GMT Benelux is expert in the field of vibration challenges. Since the company has been established in 1987, it’s our goal to reduce and prevent unwanted vibrations by innovative and high-quality solutions. GMT is short for Gummi Metall Technik, the technique to control vibrations by applying products made of rubber and metal. From our site in Venlo, The Netherlands, we support our customers with a team of 20 employees with logistical and technical support, measurements and calculations.

By reducing and preventing unwanted vibrations, we increase the performance and comfort for people exposed to vibrations. Our solutions will increase the stability of (production) processes, increase efficiency and reduce wear and tear. Together with our customers we build sustainable solutions and reduce lifecycle cost.


GMT Benelux offers a wide range of standard products and develops tailor made solutions. Our rubber-to-metal products are applied in a wide range of applications, varying from Machine Building to Railway Vehicles and from Special Vehicles to High Tech.


By our expertise and extensive product range we offer a solution for almost all vibration challenges. By effectively applying standard products up and to the delivery of custom-made solutions.


More than 30 years’ experience, extensive professional knowledge and a rich partner network, a solution is always within reach.


We take initiative and responsibility in matters over which we have influence. We make challenges negotiable and support you in making choices and setting priorities.

Mission & Vision

It is our passion to control vibrations. We think it’s important that vibrations are not in the way of a healthy living and working environment. In addition, we want to contribute to a sustainable industry by making machines and vehicles more efficient and less prone to wear. We achieve this by applying knowledge and skills and supplying high quality products in the field of vibration technology. We like to think along with our customers about new developments and vibration issues in new and existing applications.

GMT from the past to the Present

GMT Benelux has been founded in 1987 as independent supplier of vibration dampers from the Germany based Gummi Metall Technik GmbH. Our relationship with GMT GmbH provides us access to the latest state of technology, so we can make the difference in almost any situation. We can count on the expertise, production and R&D of GMT GmbH, a team of more than 1100 employees.

Foundation of GMT Benelux as partner of Gummi Metall Technik GmbH
Construction of the facility in Venlo
Expansion of activities for Railway Vehicles and High Tech
Expansion of the facility
Dedicated Certified Vibration Analist
25th aniversary
New facility

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How can we help you?

For many vibration challenges we offer solutions with our standard vibration mount portfolio. Are you looking for a specific damper, please contact us. Are you still looking for the root cause of your vibration problem or you don’t know which vibration damper could solve the problem? Please contact us directly for expert support and non-binding advice.

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